The question is not if your company will be breached, but rather when.

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SEP2 Systems CSOC

SEP2 Systems is a managed next-generation SIEM powered Black Cell Ltd. SEP2 is our own development Security Information and event management system, extended with client network side IT security solutions. The system is under continuous monitoring 24/7/365 which raises it up to the Cybersecurity Operations Center level. As a defender, our CSOC is in a constant arms race to maintain parity with the ever changing security environment and threat landscape.


We’ve built our Cybersecurity Operations Center to provide the highest level of IT security for our customers. Our skilled experts who come from different fields of IT security – like network security , hacking, forensic, log analysing, web & mail security, DLP, hardening, SIEM, DRP and BCP, etc. – have all the required skills and certifications with at least 5 years’ experience.

What we do?

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Threat ingelligence

Security monitoring

Asset management

Behavioral monitoring

Vulnerability assessment

Intrusion detection

Incident response

Security analytics


Attacks reducing

We have integrated threat intelligence, security monitoring, asset discovery, behavioral monitoring, vulnerability assessment, intrusion prevention, incident response and security analytics competencies to reflect the reality of detecting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) style behavior on your network, including endpoint threat detection and data exfiltration.

Our cross-platform solution aggregate log from all assets in the environment, correlate those with the detection, assessment and monitoring systems via personalized directives regarding the costumers risk tolerance. The resulted event will be analyze and generate alarms when something goes wrong.

When an alarm generates an incident it means that there is a true positive result. Our automatic and manual mitigation tools react immediately.

The attacker could be an in-house admin therefore we monitor the privileged users as well.

We can generate reports for the compliance standards like PCI-DSS, ISO:27000; NIST; HIPAA and other unique request regarding vulnerabilities, assets, access monitoring, etc.

If you want to learn more check out our whitepaper here in PDF format or contact us.


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Who we are?

Authorized to use CERT(TM) - CERT is a mark owned by Carnagie Mellon Univerity

Black Cell Ltd. was established in 2010 and is based in Hungary. The country provides the right privacy law background. The team possess all the required certification, proven skills and knowledge base to run a CSOC. We offer strict SLA, 1M $ liability insurance, 24/7/365 human monitoring and alerting system. We run a certified 3rd party vulnerability audit four times a year and SEP2 backed by three universities.

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